Every student is unique, and so is every teacher. At The Complete Works, we celebrate individuality in everyone. Our teachers are encouraged to develop their creativity, crafting lessons in their own original way, to engage and inspire their students. It can be a challenging job: the skills and tactics needed are different for every student, and what worked one day may not work the next. This suits people who are adaptable, compassionate and have a sense of humour!

A teacher will be assigned a selection of students to teach individually, or in small groups. Some students may be taught in the home or a public space such as a library, others in a TCW Learning Hub, or remotely. Every student will need an individual approach to accommodate their needs. For example, one student may need mentoring and encouragement to improve their attendance; others may need a specialised, structured approach to accommodate their ASD; another may suffer from anxiety and will require a gentle, step by step approach to improve their confidence. Overall, it is a varied and dynamic role, which alongside our ongoing training and mentoring processes will broaden the skillset of any teacher and give them a sense of achievement unmatched in any other educational pathway. TCW is a nurturing environment, with friendly, supportive staff and a strong sense of community. Many of our teachers work on an individual basis, others choose to move into group teaching at our Learning Hubs, or support roles in the Central Office. The opportunities are many, the learning curve is steep and the experience is unforgettable.