A Word From Our Headteacher...

Welcome to The Complete Works - a charity, a school, a home for students who need something else from their education. At our school we combine the highest of academic aspirations with an understanding that some students might want and need more than qualifications. That is why we treat every student as the unique individual they are. Our trained staff all believe in making their teaching tailored to the students they work with, embracing each personality, interest and dream and working in partnership towards these goals, whether they be personal skills, academic grades or steps to a new future.

Behind these passionate, skilled and empathetic teachers are an extensive team of experts creating bespoke learning journeys, personalised timetables and rigorous safety plans, while further teams offer wellbeing, qualified counselling and mentoring support.

The Complete Works is a creative company and this is applied to everything we do, whether that be teaching the core academic subjects, delivering creative lessons or forming positive, professional, interesting relationships with our students. Students also have the chance to express themselves creatively through a myriad of projects and performances, culminating our big annual showcase.

We work across London in students’ homes, local libraries and community centres, as well as in one of our five specialised Learning Hubs. We also work individually with students and in small groups to provide each young person with the right environment for them to be challenged and thrive.

By mixing and matching the elements of teachers, learning styles, subjects, locations and group size we intend to give everyone who comes to our school an education that is built for them. I hope our website gives you a taste of some of the educational journeys our students have been on.

Best wishes,