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How It All Works

We design bespoke education programmes for every student, choosing from a combination of vocational and academic classes at our Learning Hubs, individualised lessons taught in the community, and holistic wellbeing support. This gives us the flexibility to engage and inspire a broad variety of young people, helping them discover their aspirations, and find a home in our diverse and thriving school community.

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Small Group Learning

The TCW Hubs for small group education are dedicated learning spaces in multiple locations across London, containing state-of-the-art facilities including a construction workshop, training kitchen, music studio, science lab, drama studio, art studio, gym, sports hall, football pitch and more. The Hubs give students the chance to work alongside other young people and take part in a variety of courses and immersive learning days. Class sizes are kept small (usually below 5 students), to allow the teacher to give everyone the attention they need.


Vocational & Creative Days

For students wanting to take a practical route, we now offer more vocational and creative subjects than ever before. Each course is fitted into one full day per week, to minimise travel time and provide an immersive learning experience. Courses are taught at TCW Learning Hubs, as well as carefully chosen partner organisations, giving students access to the best facilities to maximise their enjoyment and supercharge their progress. Up to two Vocational and Creative Days per week are available to KS4 and KS5 students, with a KS3 taster programme also on the agenda. To explore each course, click on the links below.


GCSE & KS3 Onsite Days

For students taking the academic route, this is a must-have addition to their package. Small group classes of no more than six students are taught by subject specific teachers in GCSE Maths, English Literature and Language and Biology. KS3 students enjoy subjects like Humanities, Science, Worldview, Art, ICT and Drama. This is the best way to get ahead academically, while gaining some much needed peer interaction. This programme is designed to be an engaging and collaborative learning experience, providing small group socialisation and an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. The day is divided into four sessions, meaning students will cover a large amount of content, with enough change and variety to keep them focused. This option is reserved for students not already attending a vocational day onsite.

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Individualised Education

Individualised lessons are taught in students’ homes and public spaces, such as libraries, throughout London. We also have the option of remote online learning for anyone unable to be taught in person. It can be challenging for students to remain focused and engaged in a lesson delivered to 30+ students at once, as is the routine expectation in mainstream school. Despite the best efforts of the teacher, it can sometimes be difficult to meet the needs of every student in such a large class and too often those not fitting the expected mould will find themselves left behind. At TCW we celebrate those young people who want to learn differently and individual lessons give us the opportunity to meet the different needs of everyone we work with. Our teachers work flexibly and creatively to navigate the needs of the student, helping them to discover their talents and expand their aspirations.

From our TCW Hubs we also deliver Individualised Onsite Days, in which students can enjoy a whole day of focused learning, while also benefiting from our onsite facilities and social opportunities with fellow students during break times, if desired. This is a vital stepping stone for those not yet able to engage in group activities. Some of our Hubs are designed to be vibrant and dynamic spaces to encourage group learning and interaction, while others are more quiet and nurturing.


Individualised Onsite Days

Based from our Learning Hubs, this is a full day of bespoke individualised learning, led by our subject specific teachers. Students will benefit from the flexibility and focus of individual lessons, alongside opportunities for controlled socialisation at lunchtime. The day is made up of four lessons concentrating on Maths, English, Science or ICT, plus Creativity or PE. Creative sessions are a chance to unlock our students' potential through project work, or to prepare material for the end of year showcase and learn essential life skills, such as basic cooking.


Individualised Offsite Sessions

Three hours of personalised, creatively delivered education taking place in a student’s home or in a public space, such as a library. If necessary we can also deliver these sessions remotely. Offsite individualised education has always been at the core of what we offer, being the most direct, focused and flexible approach, adapted to the needs of any young person. For students needing help to build their confidence, or those unable or unwilling to leave their local area, this is the ideal option. For all other students, offsite sessions provide a firm foundation for their timetable and a balance between group and individualised learning. Our offsite teachers are trained to engage students, build their trust and harness their motivation. They work in partnership with the onsite subject specific teachers, taking their lead and delivering personalised schemes of work to each student. Lessons are creative, dynamic and targeted.

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Pastoral Support

We recognise that learning is about more than exam results, it is about developing and maturing as a person so you can take on the challenges of adult life. The pastoral support that we offer is a key part of how we help students reach their personal milestones. Included as standard for all single roll and most dual roll students is a weekly personal development session, dedicated to identifying and overcoming any barriers to learning. Students also have the opportunity to take part in therapeutic sessions with a school counsellor. We teach a wellbeing-focused PSHE (personal, social and health education) curriculum, which is designed to help students develop the skills they need to manage their emotions and learn to be happy and balanced. These pastoral measures, combined with the focused, personalised attention from a one to one teacher, give our students the holistic education that they need to thrive in later life.


Personal Development

Taking place for an hour once a week, this is a programme designed to help each student reach their personal potential. It is a chance to set goals, develop career plans and cover targeted PSHE topics or intervention programmes like anger management or behaviour plans. The sessions are delivered by one of our Student Support Team, who closely monitor their student’s progress both academically and in terms of motivation and confidence. This allows any potential obstacles to be identified early and where necessary, a counselling or interventions programme put in place. The Student Support Team works in partnership with students’ families, acting as their advocates during educational meetings, ensuring that the right level of support is available at home, as well as at school. This weekly session will help students to stay focused and grounded throughout their time at TCW. Personal Development Sessions are a standard addition to all single roll student timetables, and can be bought into on a dual roll basis - which is highly recommended. These sessions can be delivered remotely, if needed.



All students are entitled to a weekly 1:1 therapeutic session with one of our in-house trained counsellors. This is a valuable addition to help students work through any personal challenges, learn to regulate their emotions and deal with the stresses that life throws at them. Though this is not an alternative to clinical mental health treatment, it is a lifeline to all those needing extra support with their wellbeing and an opportunity to overcome long wait lists or high thresholds for external support. Sessions take place in dedicated counselling rooms, designed to be peaceful sanctuaries from the outside world. Remote counselling support is also an option. Our counsellors have an over 9/10 approval rating with their students, many of whom have made stunning personal transformations through the service, leading to greatly increased engagement and success with academic learning. This service is included as standard for Single Roll packages and is available on a Dual Roll basis.



The Interventions Team specialises in helping students re-engage in education after losing focus or motivation. They work directly with students, as well as their teachers, families and professionals, creating a big-picture solution to increase attendance and engagement. This additional support is suited to students who may have lost or be losing their interest in learning; who have a history of low attendance, or a long gap in their education history. The Interventions Team has a strong track record of helping students rediscover their aspirations, providing practical frameworks for lasting change and have some impressive attendance stats to back it up!

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Sample Packages


For practically minded students, this package is our gold standard for vocational learning, with a foundation of 1:1 lessons and personal development, for a rounded experience.

2 Vocational Days, 1 Onsite Individualised Day, 2 Offsite Individualised Lessons, 1 Personal Development Session (25 Hour Week*)


Vocational & GCSE

A package ideal for students with varied interests, hoping to gain some vocational learning, while maintaining an academic focus. With GCSEs being an important gateway to college vocational courses, this route comes highly recommended for those with a clear focus of what they want to do and where they want to go.

1 Vocational Day, 1 Onsite Individualised Day, 4 Offsite Individualised Lessons, 1 Personal Development Session (25 Hour Week*)


GCSE Focused

This package, with its in-depth academic focus, is perfect for students striving for exceptional GCSE results.

1 GCSE Onsite Day, 1 Onsite Individualised Day, 4 Offsite Individualised Lessons, 1 Personal Development Session (25 Hour Week*)


Individual Only

Not all students are ready for group learning. This package provides individual lessons both Offsite and at a Learning Hub, to give students a sense of the school community and some controlled social opportunities at breaktimes.

1 Onsite Individualised Day, 6 Offsite Individualised Lessons, 1 Personal Development Session (25 Hour Week*)


Offsite Only

For students not able to learn at our hubs, the offsite only package brings bespoke and creative education directly to the student, whether at home or in a local venue. As with all packages, Personal Development is a regular fixture.

8 Offsite Individualised Lessons, 1 Personal Development Session (25 Hour Week*)


*Single roll students do a 25 hour week as standard. For post-16 students, we also have the option of a 19 hour per week package. Dual roll packages can range from 6-30 hours per week.

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Additional Add-Ons

SEN Support

Our full time SEN Lead is available to provide expert, individualised support to any student with SEN. We will also take the lead in organising, leading and writing up the Annual Review.

Included as required in single roll packages.


Included as standard in Single Roll packages and for all onsite days.


As we are an exam centre, all our students have the opportunity to gain qualifications and sit exams through us. These include GCSEs, BTECs, Functional Skills, Arts Award, LAMDA qualifications and Entry Level Certificates.

Normal entry costs are included in single roll fees (though late charges for new students joining us after the entry date will be additional). Exam fees for all dual roll entries will be charged to the referrer if qualifications are requested through us.

Careers Support

At TCW we understand the impact that meaningful encounters with employers and post-16 providers has on students, from raising aspirations to laying the path towards employment. This is why we organise internal Career Fairs and events, inviting local colleges to meet with KS4 students for Q&A sessions in the Autumn term and representatives from different employment sectors in the Spring term. Students are encouraged to track their employability journey on their Personal Development and Careers Record log. This optional add-on will also provide an in-depth session with an independent careers advisor and ongoing support from our in-house Post-16 Pathways Team.

Available to Year 9+ students. Included as standard in single roll packages.

SALT / OT / Physiotherapy / Educational Psychology

For those students requiring these additional supports, we outsource this as needed to our trusted partners.

Available as an add-on to single and dual roll packages.


An optional add-on for students unable to make their own way to lessons.

Available as an add-on to single and dual roll packages.

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Types of Referral

The overall structure of education will depend on the type of referral made and the number of hours therefore allocated. Here is a brief summary. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you require more information:

Single Roll

  • A student moves onto TCW’s School Roll
  • 25 hours of education per week (19h option for Post-16)
  • Fees charged half-termly
Dual Roll

  • A student remains on roll at their main school
  • The referring body can choose from 6 to 30 hours of education per week
  • Fees charged per session