Our Values

The Complete Works is synonymous with Creativity. From our beginning as a Theatre In Education Company, we have used creativity to unlock our students’ potential. It remains a key aspect of our school culture, underpinning the curriculum in every subject and is celebrated through an exciting range of extracurricular projects. Our teachers are trained to deliver dynamic and original lessons, tailored to the individual needs of each student.

What does true creativity mean? It is more than self-expression through the Arts. It means learning to think in original and insightful ways to solve problems. The best scientists, engineers and mathematicians are able to think outside the norm and make discoveries that shape the future. The creativity of entrepreneurs and business leaders will guide them toward emerging trends and capture the spirit of their market. In fact, it is hard to think of any job that when performed at the highest level, doesn’t benefit from a creative mindset and some originality of thought and approach.

The world our students are inheriting, is rapidly evolving. The advancements of technology and social change make it hard to imagine the landscape they will be navigating as adults. In these times of rapid change creativity is a vital skill. It allows us to contribute in unexpected and exciting ways and thrive no matter what the circumstances. It will be those young people who learned to think outside the box who will notice opportunities that others won’t. Those able to express themselves creatively, will help to keep us all grounded and fill our lives with insight and colour.

Over the years, our school has adapted to the challenges of unpredictable times, with creativity as a guiding principle. Whatever the future looks like, there will always be colour on our walls and the buzz of creativity in our classrooms.

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We prepare students for life, not just for exams. What we offer is academic, vocational, creative, social and emotional education. Lessons are taught on an individual basis and in small groups, supplemented with extracurricular creative projects and sector-leading pastoral support. This is a formula we have developed over many years, designed to help students grow as individuals and build the versatility and resilience required to be successful and happy throughout life.

We teach a wealth of academic and vocational subjects, from English, Maths and Science to Construction, Cooking, Photography, Animal Care and many more. Through the careful curating of individual and group lesson timetables, we help students to build confidence through manageable steps, while making meaningful connections with other young people. All students benefit from our signature creative style of learning and have access to a range of extra curricular projects - the TCW Album and Anthology, exhibitions at the Tate Modern and Whitechapel Galleries, to name a few. We offer Counselling and Personal Development programmes, as well as a targeted PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) curriculum, ensuring students receive the therapeutic and pastoral support they need to work through their personal challenges, freeing up mental space for learning and inner growth.

We design bespoke education packages to fit the unique needs, interests, personality and ambitions of every student, helping them to feel understood and validated as individuals. Over the years, we have become renowned for the flexibility of our approach, curating a different experience for every student so they can each learn in their own way. Our lessons are taught on an individual basis or in small groups, so we can cater to every learning style. We have an expert curriculum team to oversee the learning pathways of all students and ensure that they are getting the best possible experience to match their individual requirements.

Our celebration of individuality comes from a deep belief in the value of walking your own path in life. We recognise the great diversity of young people in our cohort, the different challenges they have faced and the uniqueness of each perspective they bring. This allows students to learn from each other and be enriched by their differences. Throughout a student’s educational journey we encourage them to develop new interests and discover their own path. We are here to support and guide them along every step of the way.

Learning is a lifelong process. We work to instil this belief in all our students, helping them to approach life with curiosity and openness, exploring divergent points of view, developing objectivity and empathy to last them far beyond their school years. This is Open-Mindedness - a value we cultivate in ourselves as teachers, as much as in our students. All TCW Staff continue to learn and develop throughout their careers, taking part in regular professional development to further hone their skills and keep them up to date with emerging knowledge. No matter our level of experience, we should always be ready for new learning. There is so much out there to discover, if we keep our minds open!

Every student is different and part of the joy of working at TCW is getting to know such a diverse range of young people and finding a way to adapt to their unique criteria of needs. We believe that teachers should learn from their students - understanding them as individuals and celebrating their interests. It takes open-mindedness to find a truly effective way to connect with and teach a new student, particularly one whose needs and personal challenges set them outside the typical mainstream school mould. Over the years, we have welcomed countless young people into our school community, giving them the sense of belonging and validation they have struggled so much to find. Everyone is welcome at The Complete Works and, to quote Paddington, because “everyone is different, that means anyone can fit in.”