As we reflect on 22 years of evolution and changes within the school, we felt it was time to reinvent our branding, to better capture the nature of the work we do. Our new logo is a big part of this rebrand, as our upcoming new website will be. The first thing you will notice from our new logo is its sketchy, hand-drawn style. We chose this to reflect the creative, student-centred approach that we are known for. The array of colours reminds us of the diversity of our students and staff, while we are holding on to our original purple and blue, to honour our first incarnation. The circles are a reference to the complete and holistic approach that we take to working with young people, providing a comprehensive array of subjects, creative and extra-curricular projects, and wellbeing programmes. Looking closely, you may see that some of the circles are broken, showing that every student is individual and their path to success will be changing and unpredictable. We hope you like this new version, which will soon be seen throughout our school and on all communications moving forward.