Spring 1 Half Term


Open-Mindedness was the theme of this half term - the key idea woven through lessons and creative projects, and the topic of assemblies. It is also one of the four TCW Core Values (along with Creativity, Individuality and Holistic Education), meaning it represents what we believe in deeply as a school. Open-Mindedness is a skill that needs honing as we go through life - getting older can sometimes mean getting set in our ways and losing the ability to see new opportunities for change and development. We teach students to explore novel ideas, investigate opinions they don’t readily agree with, and put themselves into situations that are outside their normal range of experience. The ability to do this is an essential component of learning, as opposed to simple knowledge retention. As a school, we pride ourselves on our ability to teach with open-mindedness, being ready to adapt to fit the unique requirements of each student, employing whatever tactics and strategies will be most effective. This theme was a great talking point across the school and inspired some exciting learning experiences.

Disney Inspired Cooking

Amaar's Kitchen
By Amaar

Coming from a mind

Sometimes it gets stuck behind

That easy going attitude up and running

At times its running low on petrol, stopping and putting

Waking up, heading into the bathroom tryna freshen up

Getting out the door, starting the engine drive, energy life

Starting the Ferrari up bolt like lightning

Get a fuel tank, hit the brakes ignite it

Bringing heat to the day like a meal to the stove

Cooking up a 5 course, ready here goes

Serving it up giving food to thought

Like a chef in the kitchen applying recipe’s taught

Cooking with the Joker by Moe
The Van Gogh Exhibit